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JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE, LLC., understands that if an appraisal is needed for a bail bond, time is of the essence. When helping a loved one or friend in a difficult situation, there is no time to waste. We get that you have allot on your plate, that you are worried about. So give us a call and let us take care of this for you!! 

Below, we have attempted to answer some basic questions we think you might be asking yourself. If you still have questions, feel free, to call us. We will take the time to listen and try to give you all the best advice with respect to appraisals we can.
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What are bail bond appraisals?

Bail bonds can be used to temporarily discharge people from law enforcement custody, and they can be "purchased" with cash or other assets — like a house. First, the property value must be determined so the court can ensure that it will cover the set amount of the bond. To begin this process, a real estate appraiser must find the estimated value of your home with a bail bond appraisal. Using your home or property as a bail bond is called a property bond.

When is a bail bond appraisal required?

You'll need a bail bond appraisal if you want to use your property as a bail bond. If someone close to you is in jail and you can't afford to pay cash for collateral, a property bond can be used to allow them out of law enforcement custody.

What happens in a bail bond appraisal?

Bail bond appraisals, like other appraisals, consist of an inspection, followed by a report written by the appraiser explaining various parts that factor into the value of your property. You can put trust in the estimates performed by JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE, LLC. thanks to our extensive experience, knowledge of the Monmouth County area, and compliance with the Appraisal Foundation standards and regulations.

What do I do if I need a bail bond appraisal fast?

We understand that speed is necessary, and we want to help get your loved one out of custody as quickly as we can. When you request an appraisal through JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE, LLC., we want you to know that your order is our highest priority. We're willing to expedite your appraisal, so contact us now. But your appraisal order needs to be both fast AND accurate. The ability to use your property as collateral relies on the value of the property — usually, it must be valued at or above 150% to 200% the cost of the bail bond. And at JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE, LLC., we'll work hard to ensure your appraisal is quick, but we refuse to skimp on the details that constitute a high quality, accurate appraisal.

I'm a bondsman looking for a bail bond appraiser. Can you tell me about your company?

Are you a bondsman seeking a bail bond appraiser? Look no further. We have the credentials for bail bond appraisals, and we are be happy to help. Reach out to us for more information on our experience and credentials.